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            2019-12-15 15:49:41| 來源:中公考研


            As is shown above, in the middle of the cartoon stands + 主題詞,which symbolizes + 主題詞的另一種表達,+ 同位語即主題詞第三種表達 + 表示主題詞動作的非謂語動詞 (例如:in the middle of the cartoon stands a hot pot,which symbolizes culture,the one containing many Chinese culture symbol. The drawer's intention seems to be highly self-evident and the meaning causes us to be thought-provoking. It is therefore safe to draw the conclusion that + 主題詞 + is momentous and fundamental to the mind what food is vital and significant to the body.)

            Not only I, but also the best philosophers and poets also praise that this concept should be a permanent universal values. Obviously, I can think of no better reasons for the phenomenon other than the following two. Initially, the millennia-long run of + 主題詞 + left us with a lot of traditions that are extremely profoundly rooted. 加拓展句:主題詞 is a kind of emotional strength, which can support us no matter how dark around us becomes.(比如:愛心/自信/親情/團結/堅持/誠信/友誼/樂觀的態度/是一種情感的力量,無論我們周圍有多么的黑暗,它都能支持我們。) Additionally, our government's effective measures and policies are playing a significant role in the realization of such a situation(.加拓展句:without 主題句,the heart would break.上面的主題詞都可以套進去,比如:沒有愛心,心靈將會枯竭。) Just as an old Arab proverb has it, there is a growing tendency for the public in the west to think the significance of + 主題詞.

            From what has been discussed above, the most important thing is not to say, but instead to do. Chinese citizens are expected to enhance their awareness that it is an indispensable part for the construction of harmonious society. Only in this way, can we /our country/ the individual have a glorious future.)





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