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            2019-12-15 15:49:40| 來源:中公考研


            As is shown above, in the middle of the cartoon stands + 主題詞,which symbolizes + 主題詞的另一種表達,+ 同位語即主題詞第三種表達 + 表示主題詞動作的非謂語動詞. The drawer's intention seems to be highly self-evident and the meaning causes us to be thought-provoking. It is therefore safe to draw the conclusion that + 主題詞 + is not a blessing but a curse.

            Not only I, but also the best poets and philosophers also insist that the problem has long plagued the people's social life. Obviously, I can think of no better reasons for the question other than the following two. Initially, human being’ s fearless curiosity about everything new has led some of them into this marsh. Additionally, our education in the harmfulness of this issue has been far from adequate to build the individuals ’sound resistance to this issue. Just as an old Arab proverb has it, there is a growing tendency for the public in the west to think the significance of + 主題詞.

            From what has been discussed above, the most important thing is not to say, but instead to do. Chinese citizens are expected to enhance their awareness that it is an indispensable part for the construction of harmonious society. The local and central authorities, not only chinese but also foreign ones, in coordination, are obliged to do something useful, only through these action can have a glorious future.





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